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Cyrus IMAP Questions

  • Questions about features
  • Installation and setup trouble
  • Common feature requests
  • Common operational questions

Cyrus SASL Questions

How To Report Bugs

When reporting bugs to either one of the Cyrus Mailing Lists or to any of the other Contact info addresses, please be sure to use the following information:

  • Output of the cyradm(1) 'version' command. If you are having problems with Perl, then connect to the server with imtest(1) and use the command:

This info will show us the timestamp of the source code, the server platform, as well as most (if not all) of the compile-time options.

If you cannot connect to the server, please include atleast the versions of Cyrus IMAPd, Cyrus SASL, and OpenSSL.

  • Contents of imapd.conf. This will show us the run-time configuration.
  • Contents of cyrus.conf. This will show us how your services are configured.
  • The configure lines used to configure Cyrus IMAPd and Cyrus SASL.
  • It helps to call attention to the following parts of your configuration
    • Are you using altnamespace, unixhierarcysep, or virtdomains?
    • Are you in a murder configuration (please include the above information for all hosts, if so!)?