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If you are absolutely positive you have discovered a bug in either Cyrus IMAP or SASL, please file a bug report in Cyrus Bugzilla

Mailing Lists

If you think you've discovered a bug in Cyrus but you'd like to get some feedback about it to confirm that it's a bug, please consider posting to the appropriate Cyrus_Mailing_Lists.

For discussion about Cyrus SASL, please use the cyrus-sasl mailing list.

For discussion about Cyrus IMAP, please use the cyrus-devel mailing list.

The cyrus-devel list was originally created for IMAP and SASL development issues, but as time has passed it seems that people who are most interested in SASL tend to follow the cyrus-sasl list more closely, while people who are most interested in IMAP tend to follow the cyrus-devel list.