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High level Roadmap

This is a very general, high-level view of where the Cyrus project is heading in the future, and the amount of code support you may expect to receive if you're running an older version of Cyrus.

2.6 (Future)

  • Possibly calendaring support
  • Possibly cross-folder conversations
  • multi-master replication
  • More RFCs
  • better backup support


  • autocreate/autosieve
  • Complete compliance with all tests from ImapTest
  • cyr_info utility - configuration 'lint' and dumping tool.
  • automatic BDB upgrades.
  • MESSAGE quota support (RFC 2087)

See also Cyrus25TestingPlan


  • bugfixes only

2.2.x and 2.3.x

  • security backports only

pre 2.2

  • unsupported

Detailed Roadmap

The following is a list of pending feature requests in Bugzilla, logged against the most recent, supported versions of Cyrus IMAP, of type enhancement.

BugzillaReports : Can't get database connection ( :