Cyrus IMAP 2.5.12 Release Notes


This is a bug-fix release in the stable 2.5 series.

Refer to the Cyrus IMAP 2.5.0 Release Notes for important information about the 2.5 series, including upgrading instructions.

Download via HTTPS:

Changes Since 2.5.11

Release changes

We’re trialing using the Github Releases feature. If you have trouble downloading this release, please report this to the mailing lists. Thanks!

Dependency changes

ClamAV now configures and builds correctly, using pkg-config for detection. You can use the --without-clamav option to configure if you have ClamAV installed but do not want to build Cyrus with support for it. The old --with-clamav=DIR variant no longer works (but it also didn’t work before!)

Cyrus should now build cleanly with LibreSSL 2.7 (thanks Bernard Spil).

Other changes

  • Cyrus release version is now preserved across autoreconf runs. This means it is now safe to run autoreconf on a release tarball source tree.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed: cyr_virusscan now integrates with event notifications properly

  • Fixed: mailbox expunge event notifications no longer cause a crash

  • Fixed Issue #2378: ACLs containing spaces no longer break mailboxes.db

  • Fixed Issue #2253: master now rejects unix domain listen paths that are too long

  • Fixed: smilint warnings for CYRUS-MASTER.mib fixed (thanks Fabrice Bacchella)

  • Fixed Issue #2177: backend connections no longer ignore STARTTLS failures (thanks Wolfgang Breyha)

  • Fixed Issue #2222: dav_reconstruct no longer crashes on expunged entries

  • Fixed Issue #2221: dav_reconstruct no longer crashes given bad user id (thanks Wolfgang Breyha)

  • Fixed: tls_prune memory leak

  • Fixed: tls_prune doesn’t fail when tls_sessions.db is missing

  • Fixed Issue #2199: recovery from mupdate failure now in correct order (thanks Michael Menge)

  • Fixed: backend connections no longer crash if no banner found

  • Fixed: backend connections no longer return success on certain types of failure

  • Fixed Issue #2185: squatter no longer tries to index non-IMAP mailboxes (thanks Wolfgang Breyha)

  • Fixed: special-use proxying in murder (thanks Wolfgang Breyha)

  • Fixed Issue #1090: send OK NIL to subsequent ID commands

  • Fixed Issue #1434: auth_pts will now error when given a too-long socket file name

  • Fixed Issue #1964: correctly detect when librt is needed

  • Fixed Issue #1967: tell EXISTS count earlier when needed

  • Fixed: memory leak in httpd DAV support