Cyrus IMAP 3.0.18 Release Notes


This is a bug-fix release in the 3.0 series.

Refer to the Cyrus IMAP 3.0.0 Release Notes for important information about the 3.0 series, including upgrading instructions.

Download via HTTPS:

Changes Since 3.0.17

Build changes

  • Fixed: iCal GEO property is text in new libical versions

  • Fixed: docs now build correctly with python3 and Sphinx 3.4

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Issue #4002: cyradm: allow LIST command even when support_referrals is false

  • Fixed Issue #4216: httpd killed by SIGSEGV for calendar request (thanks Дилян Палаузов)

Other changes

  • Fixed Issue #4380: backend_version() now properly parses the remote server’s version string, and can recognise when it is newer than the local server. This means XFER to a newer backend no longer requires a local software update to recognise the new version number first.