How to enable telemetry

To enable telemetry logging for a user, create a directory on disk for that user. Cyrus will automatically write logging information to this directory for all new connections. You don’t need to restart Cyrus; closing the mail client and restarting it will do the trick.

The directory path is:

mkdir $configdirectory/log/$userid/             # for example /var/imap/log/darth
chown cyrus $configdirectory/log/$userid/       # The cyrus user needs write access to this directory.

If you have virtdomains enabled, then the username is the login name. In this case if you login as, then the path is /var/imap/log/

The folder will contain files called imapd-$pid, e.g. imapd-12345. It might also have pop3 files, httpd files, one for each daemon. The first part of the name is the service name from cyrus.conf(5).


These log files won’t contain passwords, but may contain other confidential user data such as the content of emails. Check them before sharing publicly!