Cyrus IMAP 3.0.0 beta1 Release Notes


Cyrus IMAP 3.0 is under active development, and subject to change.

Do NOT use this version unless you’re a developer of sorts.

Download from GitHub:

Major changes

  • Support added for FastMail-style conversations (threaded messages). (See the conversations options in imapd.conf)

  • Optional Xapian integration for faster and shinier search. Note that this requires custom patches to Xapian, in this release. (See the search_engine option in imapd.conf)

  • Archive support has arrived! Requires addition of an archive partition. (See archive_* options in imapd.conf)

  • Basic JMAP support. (See httpmodules in imapd.conf)

  • Optional ClamAV integration for AntiVirus support is now working again. Requires separate installation of ClamAV. (See --with-clamav=DIR)

  • Dropped support for Berkeley DB.

  • The handling of configure options has changed, dropping support for --with-cyrus-prefix and --with-service-path in favour of the more conventional --prefix, --bindir, --sbindir, and --libexecdir.

  • Binaries executed by the master(8) service process are now installed to --libexecdir. Other binaries are installed to --bindir and/or --sbindir.

    The make installbinsymlinks target can be used to set up symlinks to everything in --bindir, if you need that in your environment.

Significant bugfixes

  • Lots of fixes to caldav and carddav.

    Includes the addition of a new daemon (calalarmd) which periodically processes a global database containing the “next” alarm for each item, and sends the relevant mboxevents. (See --with-calalarmd)

  • Replication reliability fixes.

  • Improved LIST-EXTENDED: more imap tests now succeed.