Cyrus IMAP 3.1.8 Tag Notes

Unavailable for download as this is a development branch only.

Access is via git.


This should be considered for testing purposes and bleeding-edge features only. We will try to tag these snapshots at coherent development points, but there will generally be large breaking changes occurring between releases in this series.

Major changes since the 3.0.x series

  • Sieve bug fixes and features.

  • Caldav and Carddav improvements.

  • Support for JMAP.

  • Xapian bug fixes.

  • Improvements to Annotations handling.

  • DRAC support has been deprecated.

  • Support for Prometheus stats.

  • Removed support for the Sphinx backend to squatter searches.

  • New cyrus.index format v16 included since 3.1.5 - adds unseen count and createdmodseq to index header, savedate and createdmodseq to index records

  • Support for WebSockets

  • Support for HTTP/2.0

  • Support for Zeroskip database format

  • Intermediate mailboxes are now recorded in mailboxes database

  • Conversations database format update - adds flags and internaldate fields, and is now versioned for future-compatibility. You will need to rebuild your conversations databases with ctl_conversationsdb(8) and the -b switch to benefit from this.

  • IMAP FETCH accepts two new data items, MAILBOXIDS and MAILBOXES, which respectively return the unique ids or names of the containing mailboxes of each message in the sequence (for best performance, rebuild your conversations databases as above)

  • mbpath(8) is now much more useful

  • Twoskip database format now supports shared locks

  • All Cyrus binaries now use real sysexits exit codes instead of mapping nearly everything to EX_TEMPFAIL

  • CyrusDB errors now syslog the actual error instead of just “cyrusdb error”

  • New allowdeleted imapd.conf(5) option (default off), which allows admin users to see deleted mailboxes and expunged messages over IMAP

  • cyr_virusscan(8) now supports custom templates for notifications sent about infected messages that have been deleted

  • imapd.conf(5) options that represent a time duration now accept ‘d’, ‘h’, ‘m’, ‘s’ suffixes rather than arbitrary units.

  • The tls_server_cert and tls_server_key imapd.conf(5) options now allow two certificate/key pairs (e.g. RSA and EC) to be used. Thanks Дилян Палаузов

Updates to default configuration

  • The specialusealways option is now enabled by default. It must explicitly be disabled for interoperability with legacy clients that can’t handle RFC 6154 attributes in extended LIST commands.

  • The values accepted by expunge_mode have changed, please see the documentation for more information about the changes.

  • The legacy GETANNOTATIONS/SETANNOTATIONS IMAP commands will no longer work unless annotation_enable_legacy_commands is enabled

Security fixes

Significant bugfixes