Who Is Cyrus

The Cyrus project was originally started at Carnegie Mellon University but it has since attracted a very dedicated and diverse group of core contributors.

Core Contributors

These are the core organizations who are providing dedicated resources to the Cyrus Project.


Fastmail is a leading e-mail hosting provider that runs on Cyrus software.

  • Bron Gondwana

  • Ellie Timoney

  • Ken Murchison

  • Robert Stepanek

Kolab Systems

Kolab Systems AG is the developer of the Kolab Groupware system, of which Cyrus IMAP is a core component.

  • Jeroen van Meeuwen


Isode Ltd is a renowned developer of open-standard e-mail, instant messaging, and directory software. Its internet servers use Cyrus SASL for authentication.

  • Alexey Melnikov

Individual contributors and past contributors

There are also individuals who have dedicated their time to Project Cyrus in various ways including answering questions on the mailing lists and IRC channel, writing code, testing new releases, etc. This isn’t going to be a complete list by any stretch. If I left anyone off this list it’s because I have a bad memory and not because your contribution wasn’t appreciated.

  • Raymond Poitras

  • Jean-Francois Smigielski

  • Nic Bernstein

  • Wes Craig

  • Benn Oshrin

  • Matt Selsky

  • Jeffrey T. Eaton

  • Yoni Afek

  • Leena Heino

  • Dan White

  • Kristof Vansant

  • Øyvind Kolbu

  • Ondřej Surý

  • Ralf Haferkamp

  • Max Matveev

  • Gildas Desnos

  • Guilherme Maciel Ferreira

  • Richard Bos

  • Henrique de Moraes Holschuh

  • Chaskiel Grundman

  • Derrick Brashear

  • Rob Siemborski

  • Larry Greenfield

  • Walter Wong

  • Jen Smith

  • Mark Tyrrell

  • Tim Martin

  • Tim Showalter

  • Dan Root

  • Sam Weiler

  • John Gardiner Meyers

  • Chris Newman

  • Laurie D. Mann

  • Simon Matter

  • Greg Banks

  • Conrad Kleinespel

  • Chris Davies

  • Nicola Nye