Cyrus IMAP 2.4.11 Release Notes

Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server since 2.4.10

  • fixed replication recovery from different messages at the each end

  • Bug #3489 - fixed quotalegacy handling of prefixes so only exact subfolders match

  • Bug #3498 - fixed deletion of users quota files with unixheriarchysep enabled, thanks Leena Heino

  • Bug #3491 - NOOP and UNAUTHENTICATE for timsieved, thanks Dilyan Palauzov

  • Bug #3492 - better response codes for timsieved, thanks Dilyan Palauzov

  • Bug #3497 - fix cmd syslog from master, thanks Kristof Katus

  • Bug #3503 - compilation of perl libraries on dragonfly and freebsd, thanks OBATA Akio

  • Bug #3451 - allow CC to have spaces

  • Bug #3505 - fix sync_reset, thanks David Carter

  • Bug #3506 - use literal+ for sync_(client|server), thanks David Carter

  • Bug #3300 - use portable function for TCP constants, thanks OBATA Akio

  • Bug #3507 - fix replication recovery with non-delayed expunge, thanks Julien Coloos

  • Bug #3495 - improved duplicate suppression, thanks Kristof Katus

  • Bug #2772/3463 - fixed crashes in THREAD by correcting folding of references headers

  • Bug #3439 - fix ugly syslog message for vacation

  • Bug #3499 - options to disable namespaces to reduce load on big servers with no shared folders. Thanks Olivier ROLAND

  • Changed skiplist to truncate old files after checkpoint, which can save disk space on tmpfs or small ssds when old copies were held open by other processes

  • Made Cyrus more robust against corruption in mailboxes.db data, so it will return an error rather than crashing on invalid entries

  • Fix for CVE-2011-3208, a remotely exploitable buffer overflow in nntpd - thanks Coverity

Cyrus IMAP 2.4 Releases