Cyrus IMAP 2.4.13 Release NotesΒΆ

Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server since 2.4.12

  • Bug #3565 - fix gcc compiler warnings - thanks Dilyan Palauzov <dilyan.palauzov@aegee.org>
  • Bug #2685 - rename annots in delayed folder delete. Avoids annotations “reappearing” when a folder is recreated
  • Bug #3566 - actually fix in a backward compatible way. 2.4.12 broke older versions of bison
  • Lots of small cleanups from CMU as they prepared to build RSS into their 2.4 build. Thanks Ken
  • Bug #3591/#3609 - fix crash in mupdate on partition move
  • Bug #3610 - fix replication of partition move
  • Bug #3564 - document the way prefork interacts with multiple network protocols
  • Bug #3586 - allow rename of “\Noselect” if subfolders exist
  • A handful of small cleanups (#3593, #3594, #3595) from David Carter <dpc22@cam.ac.uk>. Very much appreciated
  • Disabled duplicate_check DEBUG level log messages by default. Thanks Philip Prindeville <philipp@redfish-solutions.com>
  • Bug #3608 - log mailbox name in more sync failure cases
  • Bug #3615 - fix proxyd_disable_mailbox_referrals. Thanks Andrew Morgan <morgan@orst.edu>
  • Bug #3611 - fix crash in sync_mailbox_full if expunge fails
  • Backported some nice fixes from master, including safer thread/sort (there were some crashes on bad messages before)
  • Fixed infinite loop on suppress_capabilities with substrings of other capabilities. Ouch.
  • Fixed LIST and LSUB again - this time to make LIST “” “*%” work without breaking other things
  • Bug #3588 - make XFER not break if the wrong server name was used. The start of making murder safer
  • Bug #3603 - tidied up usage of kick_mupdate so it never gets called on standard murder backends
  • Bug #3604 - always suppress the DELETED.* mailbox names, even if delete_mode is immediate. It means a config change or different frontend won’t show undeletable mailboxes
  • Bug #3602 - allow UpperCase in service names to work

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