Cyrus IMAP 3.1.3 Tag Notes

Unavailable for download as this is a development branch only.

Access is via git.


This should be considered for testing purposes and bleeding-edge features only. We will try to tag these snapshots at coherent development points, but there will generally be large breaking changes occurring between releases in this series.

Major changes since the 3.0.x series

  • Sieve bug fixes and features.

  • Caldav and Carddav improvements.

  • JMAP improvements.

  • Xapian bug fixes.

  • Improvements to Annotations handling.

  • DRAC support has been deprecated.

  • Support for Prometheus stats.

Updates to default configuration

  • The specialusealways option is now enabled by default. It must explicitly be disabled for interoperability with legacy clients that can't handle RFC 6154 attributes in extended LIST commands.

  • The values accepted by expunge_mode have changed, please see the documentation for more information about the changes.

Security fixes

Significant bugfixes