Cyrus IMAP 3.10.0-rc1 Release Notes

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Major changes since the 3.8 series

  • URLs found in HTML <a>, <area> and <img> tags, as well as "alt" text in <img> tags, are now indexed for search and snippets

  • cyr_expire(8) now supports non-day durations in the archive/delete/expire annotations

  • cyr_expire(8) no longer supports fractional durations in command line arguments. Installations that passed fractional durations such as "1.5d" to any of the -E, -X, -D, or -A arguments must adapt these to only use integer durations such as "1d12h"

  • cyr_expire(8) now supports the 'noexpire_until' annotation to disable cyr_expire per user

  • JMAP calendar default alarms are now stored in a non-DAV mailbox annotation. See Default alarms for upgrading instructions if you are already using the experimental JMAP Calendars API

  • Removes support for parsing and generating bytecode for the deprecated denotify action and notify actions using the legacy (pre-RFC 5435) syntax. Existing bytecode containing these actions will still be executed. Scripts that contain the deprecated denotify action should be rewritten to remove them. Scripts that contain notify actions using the legacy syntax should be rewritten to use the syntax in RFC 5435

  • Adds support for the "exp" and "nbf" JSON Web Token claims. Thanks Bruno Thomas

  • Adds support for IMAP Version 4rev2 (RFC 9051)

  • Adds support for IMAP NOTIFY (RFC 5465). Only available if idled is running

  • Refresh interval for APNS subscriptions to DAV resources is now configurable. See the aps_expiry imapd.conf(5) option

  • Upgrade IMAP Quota support to RFC 9208. Sites running a Murder will be unable to set ANNOTATION-STORAGE or MAILBOX quotas (formerly known as X-ANNOTATION-STORAGE and X-NUM_FOLDERS) in a mixed-version environment until frontends are upgraded. Upgraded frontends know how to negotiate with older backends.

  • Adds support for IMAP REPLACE (RFC 8508)

  • Adds support for IMAP UIDONLY extension (draft-ietf-extra-imap-uidonly)

  • Adds experimental support for JMAP Contacts per upcoming IETF standards. Requires the not-yet-released libicalvcard

  • squatter(8) now supports the "wait=y" cyrus.conf(5) option when started in rolling mode from the DAEMON section

  • master(8) now touches a ready file to indicate it is "ready for work". See and master.ready files

  • master(8) now gets its pidfile name from the master_pid_file imapd.conf(5) option. See and master.ready files

  • Adds pcre2 support. Prefers pcre2 over pcre if both are available. See PCRE2 support

  • The proc cyr_info(8) subcommand now also reports DAEMON and EVENTS processes

  • JMAP CalendarEventNotification objects are now automatically pruned. The jmap_max_calendareventnotifs imapd.conf(5) option can be used to tune this behaviour

  • Cyrus now requires libical >= 3.0.10 for HTTP support

  • Sieve [current]date :zone parameter now accepts either a UTC offset or an IANA time zone ID

  • Adds an implicit_keep_target Sieve action to change the target mailbox for an implicit keep

  • squatter(8) no longer holds a mailbox lock while extracting text from attachments

  • IMAP RENAME command no longer emits non-standard per-folder updates. Use the new XRENAME command if you need this behaviour

Storage changes

Updates to default configuration

The cyr_info(8) conf, conf-all and conf-default subcommands accept an -s <version> argument to highlight imapd.conf(5) options that are new or whose behaviour has changed since the specified version. We recommend using this when evaluating a new Cyrus version to check which configuration options you will need to examine and maybe set or change during the process.

  • The master pidfile name is now read from imapd.conf, and defaults to {configdirectory}/ If you have something that looks for this file, you should either update it to look in the new default location, or set master_pid_file in imapd.conf(5) to override the default. The -p option to master(8) can still be used to override it

Security fixes

  • Fixed CVE-2024-34055: Cyrus-IMAP through 3.8.2 and 3.10.0-beta2 allow authenticated attackers to cause unbounded memory allocation by sending many LITERALs in a single command.

    The IMAP protocol allows for command arguments to be LITERALs of negotiated length, and for these the server allocates memory to receive the content before instructing the client to proceed. The allocated memory is released when the whole command has been received and processed.

    The IMAP protocol has a number commands that specify an unlimited number of arguments, for example SEARCH. Each of these arguments can be a LITERAL, for which memory will be allocated and not released until the entire command has been received and processed. This can run a server out of memory, with varying consequences depending on the server's OOM policy.

    Discovered by Damian Poddebniak.

    Two limits, with corresponding imapd.conf(5) options, have been added to address this:

    • maxargssize (default: unlimited): limits the overall length of a single IMAP command. Deployments should configure this to a size that suits their system resources and client usage patterns

    • maxliteral (default: 128K): limits the length of individual IMAP LITERALs

    Connections sending commands that would exceed these limits will see the command fail, or the connection closed, depending on the specific context. The error message will contain the [TOOBIG] response code.

    These limits may be set small without affecting message uploads, as the APPEND command's message literal is limited by maxmessagesize, not by these new options.

Significant bugfixes

  • Fixed: squat db reindexes are no longer always incremental

  • Fixed: squat db corruption from unintentional indexing of fields intended to be skipped

  • Fixed: squat db out of bounds access in incremental reindex docID map

  • Fixed Issue #4692: squat db searches now handle unindexed messages correctly again (thanks Gabriele Bulfon)

  • Restored functionality of the sync_client -o/--connect-once option

  • Fixed Issue #4654: copying/moving messages from split conversations is now correct

  • Fixed Issue #4758: fix renaming mailbox between users

  • Fixed Issue #4804: mailbox_maxmessages limits now applied correctly