Cyrus IMAP 3.2.11 Release Notes

Download from GitHub:

Changes since 3.2.10

Build changes

  • Fixed: iCal GEO property is text in new libical versions

  • Fixed: docs now build correctly with python3 and Sphinx 3.4

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Issue #3240: Seen flag broken on shared mailbox without sharedseen (thanks Thomas P)

  • Fixed Issue #4189: sieveshell segfaults after quit command (thanks Valentin Vidic and Christian Walther)

  • Fixed Issue #4216: httpd killed by SIGSEGV for calendar request (thanks Дилян Палаузов)

  • Fixed Issue #4162 quota(8) now correctly accepts -n argument (thanks Christian Walther)

  • Fixed Issue #4285: jmap_mail: fix typo in HTML to plain extractor

  • Fixed Issue #3917: Sieve enotify implementation bugs

Other changes

  • Fixed Issue #4109: now exits early if binary components missing

  • Fixed Issue #4199: cassandane.ini: don’t choke on repeated params

  • Fixed Issue #4380: backend_version() now properly parses the remote server's version string, and can recognise when it is newer than the local server. This means XFER to a newer backend no longer requires a local software update to recognise the new version number first.