Cyrus IMAP 3.4.7 Release Notes

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Changes since 3.4.6

Build changes

  • Fixed: Cassandane tests now pass on Debian Bookworm

  • PCRE2 is now supported and detected with pkg-config. If both PCRE and PCRE2 are available, the older PCRE will be preferred. To force use of PCRE2 in this situation, run configure with the --disable-pcre option. Please note that on Debian-based systems, PCRE (the old one, no longer maintained) is called "pcre3". Yes, this is confusing.

  • Fixed Issue #4770: missing include when ssl unavailable (thanks Дилян Палаузов)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed: squat db reindexes are no longer always incremental

  • Fixed: squat db corruption from unintentional indexing of fields intended to be skipped. Squat search databases may benefit from a full (non-incremental) reindex

  • Fixed Issue #4660: squat db out of bounds access in incremental reindex docID map

  • Fixed Issue #4692: squat db searches now handle unindexed messages correctly again (thanks Gabriele Bulfon)

  • Fixed Issue #4717: pop3d now avoids splitting ".\r\n" across packet boundaries, which can confuse some clients

  • Fixed Issue #4756: potential uninitialized access in extract_convdata

Other changes

  • Fixed Issue #4790: some man pages were missing from distribution tarballs (thanks Jakob Gahde)