Mailing Lists

Cyrus is discussed at a few official mailing lists hosted by Topicbox — which is, itself, powered by Cyrus!

At the links below you can browse the archives and subscribe to the lists. You can request a daily summary if you don't want to receive every message in real time.

  • Cyrus Announcements

    This is a low-traffic mailing list used only for announcements related to Cyrus releases.

  • Cyrus Info

    This is the general mailing list regarding all aspects of Cyrus software. The bulk of the discussion is about the IMAP server.

  • Cyrus SASL

    This is the mailing list specifically about the Cyrus SASL library.

  • Cyrus Development

    This is a mailing list for the use of Cyrus developers and package maintainers, for all the Cyrus software.