Upgrading From Previous Versions

Upgrading From Previous Versions

Upgrading from 2.2.2 or earlier

  • The Cyrus database backend configuration is now handled at runtime using imapd.conf options. If you are not using the default backend for any of the databases, make sure that you specify the correct backend(s) in appropriate option(s).
  • The format of the newspeer option has been changed. The existing format will still be parsed, but the option should be upgraded to use the new format (see imapd.conf(5) for details).

Upgrading from 2.2.1 or earlier

  • The sieve bytecode format has changed again to correct an issue with the short circuiting of the allof and anyof operators. To upgrade existing scripts (outside of home directories), you can run the tools/masssievec perl script included with the distribution. It requires a path to your sievec binary. This should also upgrade scripts that have already been compiled to bytecode. For example:
    masssievec /usr/src/cyrus/sieve/sievec

Upgrading from 2.2.0 or earlier

  • The improved directory hashing (fulldirhash) is now a runtime configuration option. If you are currently using this feature, then make sure that you enable the fulldirhash option in imapd.conf.
  • The format of mailbox index files has changed. They are upgraded on the fly, so you need to do nothing to upgrade. However, to downgrade them you will need to remove the cyrus.index files, and reconstruct the mailboxes, otherwise the index files will be invalid.
  • ctl_deliver -E has been deprecated in favor of cyr_expire -E. This new tool does both duplicate delivery database pruning as well as message expunging. You should replace the appropriate EVENTS entry in cyrus.conf with one of those in the sample configurations in the master/conf directory.
  • The sieve bytecode format has changed. The new format is encoded in network byte order, and will be transferable between architechures. To upgrade existing scripts (outside of home directories), you can run the tools/masssievec perl script included with the distribution. It requires a path to your sievec binary. This should also upgrade scripts that have already been compiled to bytecode. For example:
    masssievec /usr/src/cyrus/sieve/sievec

Upgrading from 2.1.x or earlier

General information (ALL SITES)

  • The default database formats for the mailbox list and the seen state databases has been changed to the skiplist backend. There are two ways of dealing with this if you have been using the defaults.
    1. Specify --with-mboxlist-db=berkeley and --with-seen-db=flat to configure. This will instruct Cyrus to continue to use the previous defaults.
    2. Use the cvt_cyrusdb program to directly convert the databases. This should be done with the server down, and with the binaries from the new Cyrus distribution. Change any paths that do not match your configuration.
      For the mailbox list, the command looks like:
      /usr/cyrus/bin/cvt_cyrusdb /var/imap/mailboxes.db berkeley /var/imap/mailboxes.db.new skiplist
      mv /var/imap/mailboxes.db.new /var/imap/mailboxes.db
      Note that the use of full paths to the database files is important. You should also backup your old mailboxes database before moving the new one in.
      For the seen state databases, the command to get them all in one fell swoop looks like:
      find /var/imap/user -name \*.seen -exec /usr/cyrus/bin/cvt_cyrusdb \{\} flat \{\}.new skiplist \; -exec mv \{\}.new \{\} \;
      The slashes are important for shell escaping. Again, you should back up the contents of your /var/imap/user directory before executing this command. These commands may take some time to complete, especially if your databases are large.
    We believe that skiplist offers considerable performance advantages for these two databases over the previous defaults.
  • Sieve scripts are now compiled into bytecode. The program sievec is provided to do this process manually (timsieved will compile submitted sieve scripts as they are uploaded). To upgrade existing scripts (outside of home directories), you can run the tools/masssievec perl script included with the distribution. It requires a path to your sievec binary. For example:
    masssievec /usr/src/cyrus/sieve/sievec
    Note that this will fail for scripts that use the "envelope" extention but do not require it. Cyrus 2.1's timsieved did not do appropriate checking that the optional envelope test was required before it was used.
  • Configuration subsystem changes:
    • The tls_[service]_* configuration options have been removed. Now use [servicename]_tls_*, where servicename is the service identifier from cyrus.conf for that particular process.
    • The admins and lmtp_admins configuration options no longer union. Per-service options completely override the default value when they are specified.
    • lmtp_allowplaintext is no longer a defined parameter and must be specified using the service name of your lmtp process if you require a specific value.

Specialized information (Murder, AFS, etc.)

  • The IMAP IDLE command is now supported by proxyd and is controlled by the imapidlepoll option, which is enabled by default (60 seconds). To disable IMAP IDLE in proxyd, set imapidlepoll to 0.
  • User moves via RENAME and XFER are now controlled by the allowusermoves option, which defaults to off.
  • If you use ptloader, it now runs as a regular cyrus service. This means that you will need master to acquire and maintain AFS tokens for it. You will also need to create the ptclient directory under your imap configdirectory, to hold the PTS cache (now a full-fledged cyrusdb) and UNIX socket. In cyrus.conf, ptloader should be setup to listen on <configdirectory>/ptclient/ptsock. See the master/test/cmu-backend.conf example configuration file.
  • Also, ptloader has been given a generic interface. You should now specify "--with-auth=pts" (instead of "--with-auth=krb_pts") to configure. There is also a --with-pts= configure option that defaults to afskrb (Kerberos Canonicalization, AFS PTS Groups). There is also an experimental ldap module. Note also that if ptloader fails the lookup, authorization (and therefore authentication) will now fail, as canonicalization is done inside of ptloader.
  • The format of sieve referrals has changed to be more consistant with the current managesieve draft, this may cause interoperability problems when using managesieve clients and servers from different cyrus versions.
  • Clients that use old-style ACL commands that include the "MAILBOX" directive will no longer function. We do not know of any clients that have this problem currently.
  • Any applications that link libcyrus.a now need to link libcyrus_min.a as well.

Upgrading from 2.1.13 or earlier

  • We are now more forgiving of MIME boundry headers generated by earlier versions of eudora. However, if you have messages already in the mailstore that you want to fix you will need to reconstruct the affected mailboxes to regenerate the cached bodystructure data to take this into account. Nothing needs to be done for new messages to be treated in this way.

Upgrading from 2.1.12 or earlier

  • timsieved was corrected to behave properly in the altnamespace configuration. However, this means that it was previously looking for sieve scripts in "user.name" format instead of the (correct) "user^name" format. A sample script to do this (which should be run in the top level of the sieve directory) is in tools/convert-sieve.pl. Note that this is only needed if you are running with altnamespace turned on.

Upgrading from 2.1.3 or earlier

  • If you use notifications (previously notify_zephyr or notify_unix) this functionality has been seperated out to notifyd. See the notifyd manpage and example entries in master/conf.

Upgrading from 2.1.2 or earlier

  • Sieve has been updated to be compliant with RFC 3028 and draft-martin-sieve-notify-01. All notify actions and any fileinto and/or redirect actions using stringlists will have to be updated/changed.

Upgrading from 2.0.16 or earlier

  • You must install and configure Cyrus SASL version 2 to use Cyrus IMAP 2.1 and later. You can download SASL at http://asg.web.cmu.edu/cyrus/download/.
  • If you use timsieved to manage Sieve scripts, and have enabled the alternate namespace and/or the Unix hierarchy separator, run the script "tools/translatesieve". This script will translate the folder names in fileinto actions.
  • Cyrus now uses the service name "sieve" instead of "imap" for the SASL profile of timsieved. If you use timsieved to manage Sieve scripts, be sure to update your password checking mechanism appropriately,
  • If you have enabled the improved directory hashing scheme, run the script "tools/rehash full". This script will rehash your existing directories.
  • The hashed deliver databases (used for duplicate delivery suppression and Sieve) have been merged into a single deliver.db database. You can safely remove the entire /var/imap/deliverdb directory structure after shutting down the server.
  • All of the Cyrus databases have been unified under a single BDB environment. A new ctl_cyrusdb tool is now used for database recovery and checkpointing instead of ctl_mboxlist and ctl_deliver. You should replace the appropriate START and EVENTS entries in cyrus.conf with those in the sample configurations in the master/conf directory.
  • Cyrus now caches SSL/TLS sessions in an external database. If you have support for SSL/TLS, and haven't disabled session caching (see imapd.conf(5)), you should add a line like the following to the EVENTS section of cyrus.conf to prune expired sessions from the database:
       # this is only necessary if caching TLS sessions
       tlsprune      cmd="tls_prune" period=1440

Upgrading from 2.0.6, 2.0.7, 2.0.8, or 2.0.9 or earlier

  • If you use timsieved to manage Sieve scripts, run the script "tools/upgradesieve". timsieved now uses symlinks instead of hard links.

Upgrading from a previous 2.0 version to 2.0.6

Warning: You do not need to follow these instructions if you're upgrading from version 1.6.
  • You can now pick whether to use Berkeley db to store seen state, the subscription files, and the mailboxes file or a flat text file, at compile time only. (Look in imap/seen_db.c and imap/mboxlist.h.)
  • The format of the mailboxes file and seen state has changed. It is not possible to preserve seen state, but upgrade the mailboxes file as follows:
    1. Run ctl_mboxlist -d > mboxlist.temp to dump existing mailboxes.
    2. Remove old database files: rm mailboxes.db db/* user/*/*.seen
    3. With the new version of ctl_mboxlist, run ctl_mboxlist -u < mboxlist.temp.

Upgrading from 1.6.22 or 1.6.24

Warning: Cyrus imapd 2.0 will automatically convert on-disk file formats as the server is used. It is not possible to run 1.6 after 2.0 has been used on a mail spool without reconstructing every mailbox.
  • Create some extra directories and remove the duplicate delivery database:
       mkdir /var/imap/db
       mkdir /var/imap/socket
       chown cyrus /var/imap/db /var/imap/socket
       rm -rf /var/imap/deliverdb
  • Convert mailboxes file to Berkeley DB:
       su cyrus
       cd /var/imap
       ctl_mboxlist -u < mailboxes
       ctl_cyrusdb -c
    Please keep a backup of your mailboxes file. You can dump an old-style mailboxes file by using ctl_mboxlist -d.
  • remove "/etc/inetd.conf" entries. The imap and popd3d lines need to be removed from /etc/inetd.conf and inetd needs to be restarted.
  • master process configuration: You'll need to configure the master process Cyrus process and ensure that it starts on boot. see this section of the configuration instructions.
  • MTA configuration. You will have to reconfigure your MTA to speak to lmtpd. See this section of the configuration document.
  • cyrus.seen conversion. The cyrus.seen file will be automatically upgraded as users read mail. After some time, you might want to delete the cyrus.seen file in each mailbox; it is superceded by the user/joe.seen file.
  • cyrus.index conversion. The cyrus.index file will be automatically upgraded the first time each mailbox is SELECTed.
  • Netnews conversion. The netnews programs are no longer built. If you are using netnews, you will need to apply the diff in the netnews/ directory to INN or see if INN is now distributing those changes. You will also want to run remotepurge on a regular basis to purge old netnews posts.

Upgrading from 1.6.13

  • Upgrading from the Cyrus IMAP server version 1.6.13 or earlier: if you use Sieve, you should run the "tools/upgradesieve" script, as the format of the "/usr/sieve" directory has changed slightly.

    timsieved, included in this release, will handle maintenance of Sieve scripts.

  • Upgrading from the Cyrus IMAP server version 1.6.10 or earlier: if you export news via the IMAP server, you'll have to change your "newsfeeds" file to contain
    The format of the input to collectnews has changed.

    Duplicate delivery suppression is now required for Sieve.

  • Upgrading from the Cyrus IMAP server version 1.6.1 or earlier (including 1.5.x!): the quota and user directories are now hashed by the first character of the username. This is to reduce the number of entries in any given directory. It doesn't do a great job (and in some cases it will do a really poor job) but as a quick hack it shouldn't make things worse. Optionally, the data partitions can also be hashed by enabling the "hashimapspool" option.

    You must hash your directories using the "dohash" script in the tools subdirectory. (If you want to hash your mail spool, be sure to set "hashimapspool" before running "dohash".) This must be run as the Cyrus user. Be sure to stop mail service while converting. Doing this in single user mode is probably the safest.

Upgrading from 1.5

  • Upgrading from the Cyrus IMAP server version 1.5 or earlier: libsasl is now required. Configuring SASL to work may be a chore, especially if you use shadow passwords.
  • An ANSI C compiler is now required. gcc should work fine and can be acquired from http://www.gnu.org/software/gcc/gcc.html.
  • Make sure to read the upgrading instructions under 1.6 above.
  • Upgrading from 1.5.14 or earlier requires deleting the delivered database. Remove the file delivered.db in the configdirectory and make a directory called "deliverdb" in the configdirectory. This may cause some duplicates to get through.
  • Upgrading from 1.5.14 or earlier requires removing the PTS cache database (if the AFS PTS group support is used, which is not the default). The PTS cache is in /var/ptclient/ptscache.db, and you should remove it. This is because the format for the PTS cache for IMSP has changed. If you use AFS ACLs, IMSPd, and IMAPd on the same machine, make sure you have version 1.5a5 of the IMSP server for this version of the IMAP server. (If you don't have IMSP, or AFS, don't worry about it.)

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