Administering Mailboxes

Administering Mailboxes

The "cyradm" command (see the cyradm(1) man page for complete documentation) manages the creation of, deletion of, ACLs on, and quotas on mailboxes. To get an overview of the command, type "cyradm <host>". Once "cyradm" has started, the user prompt is replaced with the name of the host followed by a ">". Type "help" at the new prompt. The following information is displayed:
   createmailbox, cm        create a mailbox
   deleteaclmailbox, dam    delete an ACL on a mailbox
   deletemailbox, dm        delete a mailbox
   help                     get help on commands
   listaclmailbox, lam      list the ACL on a mailbox
   listmailbox, lm          list mailboxes
   listquota, lq            list quota on root
   listquotaroot, lqr, lqm  list quota roots on mailbox
   quit                     exit program
   renamemailbox, renm      rename a mailbox
   setaclmailbox, sam       set an ACL on a mailbox
   setquota, sq             set quota limits
Note:It's not necessary to run "cyradm" on the same system as the IMAP server.

Note:If you run "cyradm" on a system not using Kerberos for authentication, you will be prompted for your user name and password before you can issue any "cyradm" commands. By default, you will be prompted for the password of the user ID of the current shell. If you want to authenticate as a different user, use the "-a" option. If the user that you authenticate as is a Cyrus admin, you can proxy as a particular user by also using the "-u" option.

The mailbox naming convention requires that the primary mailbox (INBOX) for anyone must be named "user.<userid>". To create a mailbox, type:

   createmailbox user.<userid>
For example, to create a mailbox for the userid "smith", type:
   createmailbox user.smith
To limit "smith" to 10,000 kilobytes of mail, type:
   setquota user.smith 10000
Once the INBOX is created, users can create their own additional mailboxes from a mail program. If Smith created a work mailbox and a play mailbox, the full names of the mailboxes would be:

Access rights are discussed in detail in the cyradm(1) man pages. Note that the administrator must grant herself create/delete access explicitly before she can delete a mailbox:

   setaclmailbox <mail_box> <admin_userid> c
   deletemailbox <mail_box>
Once you have created mailboxes, your IMAP server installation is done. You must then configure a mail interface, such as Pine or Mulberry, to work with the IMAP server.

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