Cyrus IMAP 3.0.6 Release Notes


This is a bug-fix release in the stable 3.0 series.

Refer to the Cyrus IMAP 3.0.0 Release Notes for important information about the 3.0 series, including upgrading instructions.

Download from GitHub:

Changes Since 3.0.5

Experimental features

The experimental JMAP support has been removed in 3.0.6. The JMAP specification has changed substantially since 3.0.0 was released, in ways that cannot be simply backported.

If you wish to experiment with or contribute to Cyrus JMAP support, please check out the unstable 3.1.x release tags, or the git master branch.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Issue #2177: murder frontends using TLS no longer crash on starttls failure (thanks Wolfgang Breyha)

  • Fixed Issue #2197: warnings fixed in CYRUS-MASTER.mib (thanks Fabrice Bacchella)

  • Fixed: squatter(8) no longer crashes when conversations are not enabled

  • Fixed Issue #2301: rolling-mode squatter now works correctly from cyrus.conf(5) DAEMON section

  • Fixed some compilation warnings in the Xapian wrapper

  • Fixed capabilities detection in imtest(1) (thanks Pavel Zhukov)

  • Fixed Issue #2253: master(8) now rejects service entries with listen paths that are too long

  • Fixed Issue #2303: lmtpd(8) now looks for sieve scripts in the same directories as the rest of cyrus (including timsieved(8)). Please note that if you had manually installed sieve scripts to the directories lmtpd used to look in, these will need to be moved.

  • Fixed build failure with LibreSSL 2.7 (thanks Bernard Spil)

  • Fixed Issue #2317: sieve variables now work correctly in mailboxexists tests

  • Fixed: squatter manpage now installs correctly when SQUAT engine not in use (thanks uutari)

  • Fixed: recover from certain IMAP parse errors without losing protocol sync

Other changes

  • Services will now syslog warnings about attempts to access nonexistent partitions

  • reconstruct(8) now accepts a -I argument to enable updating of mailbox UNIQUEIDs when clashes are detected, and will not do so without. This is useful for preventing problems like Issue #2240 in replicated environments.