Cyrus IMAP 3.0.9 Release Notes


This is a bug-fix release in the stable 3.0 series.

Refer to the Cyrus IMAP 3.0.0 Release Notes for important information about the 3.0 series, including upgrading instructions.

Download via HTTPS:

Changes Since 3.0.8

Release changes

We're trialing using the Github Releases feature. If you have trouble downloading this release, please report this to the mailing lists. Thanks!

Dependency changes

  • ClamAV 0.101 is now supported (thanks Adam Gołębiowski)

New configuration options

  • The new cyrus_group option in imapd.conf(5) can be used to set the UNIX group that Cyrus processes run as (thanks Jakob Gahde). The default is to use the primary group of the configured cyrus_user. The old --with-cyrus-group configure option has been non-functional for many years, and has been removed.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Issue #2521: cyradm getquotaroot now supports mailbox names containing spaces (thanks Marco Favero)

  • Fixed Issue #2524: ipurge no longer crashes on partial name matches

  • Fixed: various memory leaks (thanks Pavel Zhukov)

  • Fixed Issue #2534: com_err now built early enough (thanks Дилян Палаузов)

  • Fixed Issue #2566: idle socket setup no longer wrapped by asserts (thanks Zan Lynx)

  • Fixed Issue #2597: lmtpd segfault with sieve redirections on shared folder (thanks Anthony Prades)

  • Fixed Issue #2449: lmtpd segfault with sieve rejections on shared folder (thanks Anthony Prades)

  • Fixed Issue #2609: mbexamine now correctly handles mailbox where all mail is archived and archive-partition and meta-partition are enabled (thanks Michael Menge)

  • Fixed Issue #2625: the ptscache_db_path setting now works correctly

  • Fixed Issue #2643: ptclient now returns correct group names when resolved by filter (thanks Felix Schumacher)

  • Fixed: conversationsdb now stores GUID even if message has no CID

  • Fixed Issue #2663: Q-encoded MIME headers no longer split multi-octet UTF words (thanks Дилян Палаузов)