RSS Feeds

About RSS Feeds

Use the RSS module to allow read-only access to some mailboxes over RSS.

An authenticated user can see the list of available mailboxes at the /rss/ URL on the Cyrus server. The mailbox list for RSS is limited to only the mailboxes the RSS module has been configured to expose and the mailboxes the authenticated user has permission to see, according to the normal mailbox ACLs.


List of mailboxes: rss_feeds

The list of available RSS feeds can be obtained by clients by accessing the /rss/ URL on the Cyrus server.

The rss_feeds option uses the "wildmat" (RFC 3977#section-4) format to specify which mailboxes/folders will be made available via RSS. This list is further limited to only those mailboxes and folders that the authenticated user has permissions to see.

The rss_feeds option uses the internal namespace, which uses "." as a hierarchy separator, regardless of what unixhierarchysep is set to.


  • user.bob - will serve only user "Bob"'s inbox.

  • rss.* - will serve all folders under the shared mailbox called "rss".

  • rss* - will serve all content under mailboxes that start with "rss": rss-cool and rss-important will be included, for example.

  • *,!user - will serve all shared mailboxes, but no personal mailboxes.

  • * - will serve all shared and personal mailboxes.

Display of mailbox list: rss_feedlist_template

By default, the server will present the list as a simple unordered list in an HTML document. To customize the look and feel of the feed list, the rss_feedlist_template option can be used to point to a HTML template file. This file can use Cascading Style Sheets, JavaScript, etc. All content that the template uses must reside under the httpdocroot. Consult imapd.conf(5) for specifics on the required contents of this custom file.

Note that for sites running Cyrus Murder, rss_feedlist_template only needs to be set on frontend servers, since only those servers have the complete mailbox list.