Virus Scanner

About virus scan support

Cyrus can use an external virus scanner to check for infected mail. Currently, only ClamAV is supported.

Infected mail can be reported on, or removed.

It is possible to use Cyrus's virus scanner support without a virus scanner, by passing in an IMAP SEARCH string. Messages matching that string are treated as infected.

For more information, see cyr_virusscan(8).

Virus Scanner Configuration

General configuration

Once the virus scanner has been installed, Cyrus must be recompiled: the configure step will detect the presence of a supported virus library and use it.

cyr_virusscan(8) can be run manually, or configured to run periodically by cron(8) via crontab(5) or your preferred method (i.e. /etc/cron.hourly), or by master(8) in the EVENTS{} section in cyrus.conf(5).


Cyrus does not need any special configuration to work with ClamAV: once ClamAV is installed, compiling Cyrus will automatically detect and use the ClamAV libraries.