Cyrus Socket Locations

The Cyrus IMAP server provides service interfaces via either TCP/IP ports or Unix domain sockets. For the later, Cyrus requires the parent directory exist prior to initialization.

The following sockets may be required for any host providing local Unix domain access for the listed services, where <rundir> is the base directory for Cyrus sockets. This defaults to {configdirectory}/socket/ where {configdirectory} is as defined in imapd.conf(5), but is often redefined as /var/run/cyrus/socket/ or more recently /run/cyrus/socket/:

lmtp      <rundir>/lmtp   # Lightweight Mail Transport Protocol service
idle      <rundir>/idle   # idled daemon socket
notify    <rundir>/notify # Notification daemon socket
ptloader  <rundir>/ptsock # PT Loader socket (alternative authorization)
sphinx    <rundir>/sphinx # Sphinx full-text search daemon socket

Controlling Socket Locations

Locations of sockets may be tailored to the needs of different sites, via the use of several settings in imapd.conf(5):

idlesocket: {configdirectory}/socket/idle

Unix domain socket that idled listens on.

lmtpsocket: {configdirectory}/socket/lmtp

Unix domain socket that lmtpd listens on, used by deliver(8). This should match the path specified in cyrus.conf(5).

notifysocket: {configdirectory}/socket/notify

Unix domain socket that the mail notification daemon listens on.

ptloader_sock: <none>

Unix domain socket that ptloader listens on. (defaults to configdirectory/ptclient/ptsock)

sphinx_socket: {configdirectory}/socket/sphinx

Unix domain socket that the Sphinx searchd daemons listens on.