Cyrus IMAP 3.2.2 Release Notes

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Changes since 3.2.1

Build changes

  • Fixed: configure now reports when chardet dependency is unavailable

Bug fixes

  • Fixed: cunit tests for fatal errors performed invalid reads

  • Fixed: double-free in JMAP Email/query cleanup

  • Fixed: verbatim terms were left out of Xapian query generator

  • Fixed Issue #3060: lmtpd would crash after Sieve vacation action if :subject was set by script

  • Fixed Issue #3029: authenticated iCalendar and vCard streams were missing Cache-Control: private header

  • Fixed Issue #3057: empty return path on outgoing messages was formatted incorrectly

  • Fixed Issue #2620: warnings from cyradm with recent perl versions (thanks Jeffrey Goh)

  • Fixed: messages snoozed with a :mailboxid were not awakened correctly

Fixes to nonstandard JMAP extensions

(These extensions are not yet formally standardised, and are only available with the jmap_nonstandard_extensions imapd.conf(5) option enabled.)

  • Fixed: JMAP Performance Extension - guidsearch disjunctions of non-Xapian criteria now rejected

  • Fixed: Email/matchMime and Blob/get methods are now properly gated behind the jmap_nonstandard_extensions imapd.conf(5) option

  • Fixed: JMAP Calendars Extension - tzid was not always set for UTC events