Cyrus IMAP 3.2.3 Release Notes

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Changes since 3.2.2

Build changes

  • Fixed Issue #3073: misleading message when Xapian “words” tokenisation unavailable

  • Fixed Issue #3102: removed checks for unused CLD2 dependency (thanks Anatoli)

  • Fixed Issue #3102: removed unused Castagnoli CRC32 implementation (thanks Anatoli)

  • Upstreamed compatibility patches from OpenBSD (thanks Anatoli)

  • Fixed: Cyrus::SIEVE::managesieve was not linked correctly

  • Fixed Issue #3143: removed unnecessary autoreconf dependency on /bin/bash

  • Fixed: support zlib versions that do not provide deflatePending function

Bug fixes

  • Fixed: handling of bad HOLDFOR/HOLDUNTIL values in JMAP email submissions

  • Fixed: protection against underflow of unseen and recent counts

  • Fixed Issue #3116: cyr_info(8) now correctly validates archivepartition- settings

  • Fixed Issue #3115: imapd/pop3d connection details were lost during TLS setup

  • Fixed: pop3d LOGOUT event was missing clientAddress field (thanks akschu)

  • Fixed: Sieve regexes may have optional matches

  • Fixed: XFER now correctly distinguishes between 2.3.x releases

  • Fixed Issue #3123: XFER now recognises 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3 backends

  • Fixed: XFER now syslogs a warning when it doesn’t recognise the backend Cyrus version

  • Fixed: crash in Sieve “date :regex” matches

  • Fixed Issue #3152: DAV crash when no displayname and path is one segment (thanks Felix J. Ogris)

  • Fixed: cunit tests no longer depend on nonstandard malloc.h header