Cyrus IMAP 2.3.12 Release Notes

Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server since 2.3.11

  • Added statuscache.db to cache IMAP STATUS data which significantly reduces the amount of I/O necessary when neither the mailbox nor Seen state has changed – courtesy of

  • Added option to unexpunge to restore messages by time interval – courtesy of David Carter.

  • Implemented undocumented IMAP SCAN extension, which allows Pine/Alpine to do cross-mailbox searches – based on work of David Carter.

  • Implemented incremental squat updates (see squatter.8) – courtesy of David Carter.

  • Fixed major bugs in reconstruct -k implementation – courtesy of David Carter.

  • Added code to promote transaction safety and to track the lock status of skiplist databases – courtesy of

  • Added option to mbexamine to compare quota usage in cyrus.index to the actual message file sizes.

  • Allow long lines in imapd.conf to be split across multiple lines by using backslash as a continuation character.

  • The Sieve compiler now translates UTF-8 mailbox names used in fileinto to modified UTF-7 so that messages will be successfully inserted into the mailbox.

  • Use a more appropriate argument with LHLO command.

  • Added serverinfo option to control the information displayed in banner greetings and capability responses.

  • Fixed miscellaneous bugs and build issues.

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