Cyrus IMAP 3.2.1 Release Notes

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Changes since 3.2.0

Build changes

  • Fixed: build failed on non-x86 platforms (thanks John Paul Adrian Glaubitz)

  • Fixed: configure now warns if your time_t type is only 32-bit

  • Fixed Issue #3038: ICU 55 or newer is required (thanks Дилян Палаузов)

Removed experimental features

The following features were incomplete and not ready for use, but snuck in well before the 3.2 feature freeze. They have been removed in 3.2.1, and their corresponding imapd.conf(5) options have been deprecated:

  • per-language Xapian indexing and searches for multilingual mailboxes

  • separate Xapian indexing and searches of MIME parts/attachments

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Issue #3036: python2 detection was bad

  • Fixed Issue #2470: cunit tests used expired certs with tiny keys

  • Fixed Issue #3039: stats were miscounted on tls connection failure

  • Fixed Issue #3035: lmtpd aborted on connect when FORTIFY_SOURCE enabled

  • Fixed: some cunit tests assumed 64-bit time_t without checking

  • Fixed: imapd returned OK for slow or cancelled SEARCH requests

  • Fixed: mislabelled ISO-2022-JP email bodies now detected

  • Fixed: JMAP over-quota errors were reported as serverFail rather than overQuota

  • Fixed Issue #3049: promstatsd(8) had no man page

  • Fixed Issue #3046: httpd did not declare environ correctly (thanks OBATA Akio)

  • Fixed: cunit timeout infrastructure was broken on big-endian systems

  • Fixed: crashes on non-x86 platforms due to unaligned memory accesses (thanks Xavier Guimard and Stefano Rivera)

Fixes to nonstandard JMAP extensions

(These extensions are not yet formally standardised, and are only available with the jmap_nonstandard_extensions imapd.conf(5) option enabled.)

  • Fixed: JMAP Performance Extension - guidsearch requires a folder number for user inbox

  • Fixed: JMAP Calendars Extension - CalendarEvent/get returned wrong results for date-only recurring events

  • Fixed: JMAP Contacts Extension - state was not cleaned up correctly on Contact/copy failure