Cyrus IMAP 2.3.14 Release Notes

Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server since 2.3.13

  • Fixed incompatibility between older ManageSieve clients and newer servers that issue an auto-capability response after AUTH with a SASL security layer.

  • Fixed quota calculation to ignore files not mentioned in the index

  • Correct cache truncation after an aborted append (was leaving empty holes in the cache file>)

  • Fixed ACLs copying when renaming users

  • Fixed TLS session reuse

  • Log more detail about changes done by a reconstruct (indicating that there were problems with the mailbox before hand - mainly as a debugging aid)

  • Ensured that the longest possible named mailbox can still be deleted when delayed delete is enabled by increasing buffer sizes

  • Add configuration option mailbox_default_options allowing (for example) modsequences to be turned on for all new mailboxes

  • Replication:

  • added -R option to sync_client to do rolling replication in the foreground (to run under supervise or similar)

  • made cyr_synclog run as cyrus user if started as root

  • Changed ADDSUB/DELSUB replication to replicate current state rather than log explicit changes, avoiding a bug where if multiple subscription changes happened in one sync run, the replica could be incorrect

  • Changed replication logging related to user creation and mailboxes to ensure correct replication of delayed delete of entire users

  • Always overwrite the seen DB on the replica with the full DB from the master on "setseen_all" to guarantee consistency

  • Sync all mailbox annotations, not just condstore, ensuring mailbox is consistent on both ends (solves POP3_NEW_UIDL bug)

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