Cyrus IMAP 2.4.18 Release Notes

  • Security fix: handle urlfetch range starting outside message range

  • A bunch of cleanups and fixes to compiling

  • A bunch of sieve cleanups

  • Enhanced SSL/TLS configuration options

  • Disable use of SSLv2/SSLv3

  • Allow SQL backend for mboxlist and statuscache (thanks Julien Coloos)

  • Fixed task 116: correct LIST response for domains starting with 'inbox.'

  • Fixed task 76: fixed lmtpd userdeny db checks (thanks Leena Heino)

  • Fixed bug #3856: lmtpd now performs userdeny checks

  • Fixed bug #3848: support charset aliases in encoded headers

  • Fixed bug #3853: disconnect_on_vanished_mailbox: release mailbox lock before exiting (thanks Wolfgang Breyha)

  • Fixed bug #3415: fixed nntpd LIST/GROUP bug

  • Fixed bug #3784: no longer crash in THREAD REFERENCES when messages reference themselves

  • Fixed bug #3757: don't segfault on mailbox close with no user

New ssl/tls configuration options

tls_compression: 0

Enable TLS compression. Disabled by default.

tls_eccurve: prime256v1

Select the elliptic curve used for ECDHE.

tls_prefer_server_ciphers: 0

Prefer the cipher order configured on the server-side.

tls_versions: tls1_0 tls1_1 tls1_2

Disable SSL/TLS protocols not in this list.

Cyrus IMAP 2.4 Releases