Cyrus IMAP 2.4.19 Release Notes

  • Complete backport of the new (2.5 and later) IMAP IDLE implementation (thanks Thomas Jarosh). This fixes a bunch of bugs and race conditions that were inherent to the older implementation

  • New option "imapidletimeout" overrides "timeout" specifically for connections in IDLE state

  • OpenSSL 1.1.0 is now supported

  • Fixed: imap ENABLED doesn't print * ENABLED when nothing new enabled

  • Fixed: mailbox lock management over rename (thanks Thomas Jarosh)

  • Fixed: added overflow protection to urlfetch range checks

  • Fixed: lmtpd can now deliver when mupdate server isn't available (thanks Michael Menge)

  • Fixed T227: service processes no longer divide by zero when invoked with -T 0 argument (thanks Ian Batten and Jens Erat)

  • Fixed T229: ctl_cyrusdb now uses database paths from imapd.conf (thanks Simon Matter)

  • Fixed bug #3862: mailbox database changes now rolled back on mupdate failure during rename (thanks Michael Menge)

  • Fixed: XFER to 2.5 and later no longer downgrades index to oldest version

  • Fixed: nonsensical "TEXT.MIME" section now handled as "HEADER"

  • Fixed: added missing 'auditlog: ' prefix to backend connections (thanks Wolfgang Breyha)

  • Fixed: IMAP SEARCH crash on some platforms

  • Fixed: memory leaks in IMAP SEARCH and IMAP APPEND

  • Fixed Issue #1967: EXISTS count reported earlier if fetching past size of previous message set

Cyrus IMAP 2.4 Releases