Cyrus IMAP 2.4.5 Release Notes

Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server since 2.4.4

  • Tidy up of the git version number added to the ID response

  • Fixed incorrect time field in date searches (Bug #3339) - thanks Greg Banks for noticing this one

  • Fixed reconstruct crash and other potential issues (Bug #3353) - first reported Paul Dekkers

  • Fixed ACL passing for rename/delete on murder backends (Bug #3342) - first reported by Robert Spellman

  • Fixed corruption of long (>1024 byte) seen records on replica (Bug #3344) - found at FastMail by Bron Gondwana

  • Made all perl utilities use /usr/bin/perl in the #! line (Bug #2275) - reported by Yann Rouillard over 5 years ago!

  • Fixed crash on message with incomplete final boundary (Bug #3345) - found at FastMail by Bron Gondwana

  • Regression: sync_crc was being set to 00000000 on repack - introduced in 2.4.4 (Bug #3347) - first found at FastMail, but also seen at multiple other sites

  • Always print [CLOSED] response when selecting a new mailbox, even if a CONDSTORE enabling command has not been sent (Bug #3352) - reported by Jan Kundrát, author of the Trojita IMAP client

  • Fixed crash with reconstruct -rf and missing mailboxes.db entries (Bug #3351) - reported by Giles Malet

  • Made sync_server report errors earlier if there are extra records on the master which aren't present on the replica (Bug #3355) - thanks to David Carter for finding it and a first pass at a fix

  • Stopped expunges to never-reported-messages being showed (basically if the 'EXPUNGE' command was run, and it expunged a message that the client had never even seen - seriously rare race condition, Bug #3356) - discovered by Bron Gondwana hammering a testbed with Dovecot's imaptest tool

  • Fixed compile with old PCRE (Bug #3358) - found and fixed by Simon Matter

  • Fixed missing quota usage after XFER (Buf #3349) - found by Dave McMurtrie

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