Cyrus IMAP 2.5.10 Release Notes


This is a bug-fix release in the stable 2.5 series.

Refer to the Cyrus IMAP 2.5.0 Release Notes for important information about the 2.5 series, including upgrading instructions.

Download from GitHub:

Changes Since 2.5.9

Dependency changes

  • Jansson versions >= 2.3 are now supported (was >= 2.7)

  • Restored support for AutoConf 2.63

  • GCC 6 is now supported

Other changes

  • master(8) now supports a "-V" (print version and exit) option

  • version information is now based on git describe, not hard-coded strings

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Issue #34: imapd in murder no longer crashes on MOVE to nonexistent folder (thanks Wolfgang Breyha)

  • Fixed Issue #15: replication no longer crashes on mailboxes that are too old to be replicated. Instead, it fails with an error and logs a warning that they need to be reconstructed

  • Fixed Issue #45: extended LIST doesn't lose options when proxied to backend

  • Fixed task 142: extended LIST response no longer missing \HasNoChildren flag on last mailbox

  • Fixed Issue #49: httpd no longer crashes with assertion failure on shutdown after CardDAV has been used

  • Fixed Issue #31: the ldap_timeout setting is now used correctly

  • Fixed bugzilla #3909: idled(8) no longer runs as root (thanks Carlos Velasco)

  • Fixed Issue #5: renaming folder with annotations no longer increases annotation quota usage

  • Fixed: URLFETCH crash when section is NULL

  • various build system improvements