Cyrus IMAP 3.0.15 Release Notes


This is a bug-fix release in the 3.0 series.

Refer to the Cyrus IMAP 3.0.0 Release Notes for important information about the 3.0 series, including upgrading instructions.

Download via HTTPS:

Changes Since 3.0.14

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Issue #3143: tools/ did not need bash specifically

  • Fixed Issue #3191: saved session reuse crash when TLS enabled for backend connections

  • Fixed Issue #3287: tools/translatesieve directory iteration protection (thanks Daniel O'Connor)

  • Fixed Issue #53: mailbox tombstones were not being cleaned up by cyr_expire(8)

  • Fixed: XFER now recognises 3.4 and 3.5 backends

  • Fixed Issue #3320: memory leak during backend auth state cleanup

  • Fixed Issue #3312: fixed use-after-free segfault in mupdate-client (thanks Mario Haustein)