Cyrus IMAP 3.2.4 Release Notes

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Changes since 3.2.3

Build changes

  • Fixed Issue #3153: make sure xml_support.c is included in ctl_zoneinfo(8) (thanks John M)

  • Fixed Issue #3154: crash from cyr_qsort_r on some platforms

  • Fixed Issue #3163: use uintptr_t instead of unsigned long long for storing values that may be pointers (thanks OBATA Akio)

  • Fixed Issue #3157: MKCOL failed via WebDAV

  • Fixed Issue #3174: handle platforms without futimes or TIMESPEC_TO_TIMEVAL() (thanks Andy Fiddaman)

  • Fixed Issue #3183: typo in handling of systems without deflatePending() (thanks Anatoli)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Issue #3120: allow replication to partitions without a corresponding archive partition

  • Fixed Issue #3169: sieve scripts replicated from 2.4 with fulldirhash enabled were placed in wrong directory

  • Fixed: unescape iCalendar X-parameter TEXT values

  • Fixed: server-set JMAP properties now rejected in /set and /setcreate calls

  • Fixed: changing JMAP 'id' property now rejected in /set and /setupdate

  • Fixed: crash in httpd(8) from bad Authorization headers

  • Fixed: invalid free on error in JMAP Contacts/set

  • Fixed Issue #3212: wrong usage statement in ctl_zoneinfo(8) (thanks Дилян Палаузов)

  • Fixed Issue #3210: uninitialised read on error

  • Fixed Issue #3209: uninitialised read on error

  • Fixed Issue #2843: notifications for cancelled events were not handled correctly

  • Fixed Issue #3191: sync_client crashed on RESTART when TLS in use