Cyrus IMAP 3.2.5 Release Notes

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Changes since 3.2.4

Build changes

  • Fixed Issue #3172: add fallback implementation of memrchr() (thanks Andy Fiddaman)

  • Fixed Issue #3128: many "format specifies type ... but" warnings on non-Linux/x86_64 platforms (thanks Anatoli)

  • Fixed Issue #3265: __attribute__((optimise)) support detection

  • Fixed Issue #3275: --enable-srs configure option was always ignored (thanks Carlos Velasco)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Issue #3180: httpd process hang when using HTTP/2

  • Fixed Issue #3239: don't redefine MAXDOMNAME/MAXLOGNAME if already defined (thanks Anatoli)

  • Fixed: lmtpd no longer allows delivery/keep/fileinto to non-IMAP mailboxes

  • Fixed: ensure JMAP sinceState is a number

  • Fixed Issue #3260: addseen failure when moving messages between mailboxes with different seen settings

  • Fixed Issue #3214: don't choke on 8-bit MIME parameters

  • Fixed Issue #3287: tools/translatesive also iterated parent directory (thanks Daniel O'Connor)

  • Fixed Issue #3272: add handler stub for JMAP eventSourceUrl


  • Added --password and --execfile options to sieveshell(1), based on patch from Debian in Issue #3281 (thanks Xavier Guimard)