Cyrus IMAP supports monitoring using Prometheus.

To use this functionality, Cyrus IMAP must have been built with the --enable-http configure option enabled. Setup

  • Set the prometheus_enabled setting in imapd.conf(5) to “yes”
  • Add the prometheus module to your httpmodules in imapd.conf(5)
  • Set the prometheus_need_auth, prometheus_update_freq and prometheus_stats_dir settings in imapd.conf(5) to taste
  • Add a job to run promstatsd -c to the START section of cyrus.conf(5) (this cleans up the stats files from the previous run)
  • Add a job to run promstatsd to the DAEMON section of cyrus.conf(5) (the actual daemon process)
  • Configure your Prometheus server to scrape http://yourserver.example.com/metrics Configuration options

prometheus_enabled: 0

Whether tracking of service metrics for Prometheus is enabled.

prometheus_need_auth: admin

Authentication level required to fetch Prometheus metrics.

Allowed values: none, user, admin

prometheus_update_freq: 10

Frequency in seconds at which promstatsd should re-collate its statistics report. The minimum value is 1, the default is 10.

prometheus_stats_dir: <none>

Directory to use for gathering prometheus statistics. If specified, must be an absolute path. If not specified, the default path $configdirectory/stats/ will be used. It may be advantageous to locate this directory on ephemeral storage.

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