The process count keeps growing!

If you notice that your imapd process count continues to grow and never decreases, there are a number of options which may be affecting it.

1. Reuse count

By default, imapd processes will remain alive for 250 new connections before shutting down. Setting this to a lower value will reduce the amount of time unused processes hang around. There is a tradeoff between startup/shutdown overhead and process longevity.

The use setting is the - U argument to imapd(8).

2. Maximum child count

By default, Cyrus is allowed to spawn a limitless number of child imapd processes. To control this growth, adjust the maxchild option in cyrus.conf(5).

3. Clean up connections that are no longer in use

While POP connections are short lived, IMAP connections can be long lived. And then there are processes trying to listen to a client that's no longer alive.

Setting tcp_keepalive option in imapd.conf(5) to 1 can be used to test if connections are still alive. The operating system will send an ACK packet every so often (every 2 hours by default on Linux) which tests if the TCP endpoint is still reachable.

The other tcp_keepalive_ options help control how and when the test occurs.