Why am I having a problem running dbconverter-2 to upgrade from SASLv1 to SASLv2?ΒΆ

The migration is documented in the official documentation.

When migrating the /etc/sasldb database using the utils/dbconverter-2 utility, you may encounter the error message “Error opening password file”. This is usually due to the fact your SASL V1 library was compiled using a different version of Berkeley DB than the SASL V2 library. You can work around this by using Berkeley DB’s db_upgrade utility (possibly chaining the DB3 and DB4 upgrade utilities) to upgrade a copy of sasldb prior to conversion using dbconverter-2.

Here is the script we use at our installation, where SASL has to coexist with SASL2:

cp /etc/sasldb /tmp/sasldb.$$
/usr/local/BerkeleyDB.4/bin/db_upgrade /etc/sasldb
echo ""|/usr/local/sasl/sbin/dbconverter-2
cp /tmp/sasldb.$$ /etc/sasldb